The Workshop

What the heck is it?

Be prepared to be taken on a quest! It is an action packed narrative based journey where in order to navigate your surroundings, you will be required to overcome challenging obstacles. You will need to defeat all standing in your way by working as a team with the other characters in order to proceed. Your objective – navigate the quest, using your characters transferable skills!!!

Each character group are given transferable skills tokens which relate specifically back to the characters’ profiles. Each character has several top transferable skills which are are #supereffective! Plus you get other transferable skills to play with. Players need to match their characters transferable skills to a suitable action in order to escape danger! For example…I will use my top transferable skill of risk assessment skills to evade He-who-must-not-be-named.

After wrangling dragons & ghosts each player gets to fill in their own character profile. This allows you to identify your own quests, legendary items and most importantly you own transferable skills!

Download it!

You can view the Librarians and Dragons Presentation by clicking on the link below. Download it to your desktop to get all the fun parts!

Librarians and Dragons Presentation

You can also download your very own Librarians and Dragons Character Profile. What skills do you have already?

Librarians and Dragons Character Profile

Level Up!

We encourage our players to also look at what transferable skills they are missing and what quests they can go on to obtain them. This is an opportunity to think about how you can level up your career and meet your professional goals.