Librarians v Lawyers Escape Rooms

Librarians v Lawyers is an legal research workshop and features two escape rooms! Created & run by Annette Messell, Maddy Medlycott, and Michael Hawks, it provides an opportunity for those new to the area of law librarianship and legal research to learn about the basics of legal research and free legal resources in Australia. You can then apply and explore your newfound skills by escaping from two different rooms where a “villain” has trapped you with legal research puzzles and riddles!

This workshop enables participants to learn new legal research skills in a fun and exciting environment.  The workshop consists of a 60 minute legal research in Australia overview and then two 30 minute escape rooms, each focusing on a different area of law – caselaw and legislation.

Will you be able to escape??


Escape Room 1: Locked in with Legislation

The Lawyer Person needs you to find three pieces of legislation for them in the next 30 minutes. They won’t let you leave the office until you do. Solve the puzzles and riddles inside this online escape room by using your knowledge of Australian legislation. Can you escape the office and get the right legislation to the Lawyer Person in time??

Play Locked in with Legislation

Escape Room 2: Crimes against Case Law

The Lawyer Person’s office has been ransacked and the three cases he needs for court in half an hour are missing! He locks you in his office until you can find all three cases for him using the clues he has hidden around the room. Use these clues and your knowledge of Australian case law to solve the puzzles and riddles to escape the office! Can you escape the office and find the correct cases for the Lawyer Person in time??

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What are escape rooms and how to they work?

Find out what escape rooms are, how they work, what they are good for, and how YOU play Librarians v Lawyers. Our Librarians v Lawyers_Escape Rooms Information guide has all these details and more!

Librarians v Lawyers: How do you get to play?

This workshop is being debuted at the New Librarians Symposium 2019 in July. We are still putting on the final sparkly touches but a copy of our NLS9 presentation will be available here soon. Please join us at NLS9 to play. Or hit us up on Twitter and we can arrange to come to you!